* * Time Keeper Plus - Version 11 * *


for all versions of Windows and Mac.

A Database System for Recording Students, Resources, and Laboratories Time Usage,

as well as a Grade Keeping System to track Course Grades and Attendance.


            Web Version Only.                         

            Runs under all versions of Windows and Macs.

            Upload courses and students from school’s database.

            Time Keeper Plus 11 uses PERVASIVE.SQL for its database providing file integrity and security.

            Multiple reports are available. All reports can be previewed before printing.

            The system reports data up to 52 weeks .per session. Multiple session are now tracked. No need to delete prior sessions before starting a new session.

            Unlimited Resources can be tracked for usage and contacts.

            Download session data or exact student clock ins for uploading into other applications.

            Laboratory Usage for unlimited number of labs can be tracked (based on licenses).

            Students can only clock in within specified labs.

            Students can only clock in using Web if administrator approved.

            Y2K compliant!

            Multiple Passwords for extra Security.

            Tracks Gender

            Tracks Ethnicity (Unlimited)

            Tracks students Excess Hours

            All upgrades included in Licensing.

            Free Technical Support for Life

            Satisfaction Guaranteed!

            The entire user’s manual is embedded for easy access.

            Allows up to 99,999 courses with 9,999 students per course with 999,999 total students in system.

            Each courses’ grade data:

                          can have 20 grade groups

                          can have 100 grades

                          can have 254 attendance dates

                          can have 20 grade symbols

                          has it’s own password, assigned by the instructor!

Time Keeper Plus is a web database application that records and maintains students, resources, and laboratories time usage. It also is a Grade Keeping program that makes tracking grades and attendance for courses and their students easy. This program does NOT require a programmer to maintain a set of software programs. It does NOT require a tie-in to the school’s mainframe. It does NOT require a laboratory assistant to key-in student information at the start of each session.

Easy-To-Use Student Options

There are eight easy-to-use options available for your students.

Students clock themselves in and out of the lab using an easy-to-remember access code or their search field value (usually social security number). They choose which they want to use. All students’ clock in and clock out dates are tracked using 4 digit years so the application is Y2K compliant!

Access codes can be generated by the system or specified by you. You may have your students add themselves to the system or add them using a downloaded ASCII file from your school’s mainframe. You may use a combination of all of these methods to add your students and obtain access codes.

If students forget their access codes, they can look them up by entering their social security number, student id, or ANY other search field you define. Students can look up their weekly hours for immediate feedback.

Resources in use can be viewed at any time. Students can check this before they clock in to see if a resource is available to them. You can determine whether a student is in the lab by displaying a list of all students currently clocked into the system.

The message at the bottom of the screen is designed by you - different fonts, colors, sizes; they’re all available! This message is helpful in notifying all lab users of important information concerning the lab such as holidays, an early lab closing, or equipment problems. 

Notes For Students

Instructors may leave a note for an individual student or for all students within their course. This gives instructors the ability to communicate with students concerning relevant course information such as possible assignment changes or room changes.

Clocking In and Out 


Students clocking in and out are allowed to select the method: via their Access Code or their unique ID field (usually social security number). When the ID field is used to clock in and out, a bar code reader may be used to read this value. The school’s ID cards are an excellent choice for bar code values. 

When students clock out, they are notified of their hours including total hours and weekly average. Remember, if students make errors clocking in or out, these errors are tracked!

Students are only allowed to clock in to courses that are assigned to particular labs. 

Data Security!

All system data is password protected. Access to the Utilities requires a password, and data modification requires another. Deletion of the session data requires a third. You can change these passwords at any time for further security.

Easy-To-Use Database Maintenance Tools

There are many system administrator utility options. Help is available at any time by clicking a Help Icon. Backing up and restoring the system data is now maintained by Academic Programmers. Creating, editing and deleting students, courses and session data are just a click away (password protected of course). Course notes, system passwords, etc. they are all available from the utilities menu.

Flexible System Data

You can create your academic session and course data to suit your laboratory needs. Record up to 52 weeks of data per academic session. This allows you to set up the entire school year if you desire. Also, all sessions are now maintained within one database. No need to delete a session to start a new session.

The session data is easy to fill in. Clicking on a tab allows easy access to Week Dates, Group Descriptions, Ethnicities, Memo & Search Field, Resources, and Labs.

Filling in the week dates is done by clicking on a calendar. This eliminates requiring you to look up dates. Use the Resources and Labs tabs to create and modify the resources and lab you want to track in your system.

Short courses, independent study courses, and regular courses may all be defined within the same database. Keep track of your lab tutors too by creating a course definition for each group of tutors!

Keep track of student gender and ethnicity. Use the predefined ethnic groups or define these groups as needed for your particular setup. To allow for flexibility you may modify the academic session, course, and student data at any time. You can also cancel and reinstate cancelled courses. You can delete, withdraw, undelete, and unwithdraw students. You can transfer students from one course to another.


Student hours can be adjusted in the event of a system clock error or student clock error. Selecting student to edit, display, transfer, etc is done by clicking, no hot keys to remember.  ALL errors by students, time adjustments by the system administrator, etc. are tracked by the system and reported on several of the reports that Time Keeper Plus generates.

Create Access Codes Automatically

Be prepared for the first day of classes by generating student access codes ahead of time. The system will automatically generate an access code for students registered in a lab course using an ASCII test file downloaded from your school’s mainframe.


Upload Your Data to a Mainframe


Do you need to store your lab data on your school’s mainframe or transfer your lab data to a another computer for analysis or uploading into another application? Time Keeper Plus creates ASCII files of all session data and student exact clockin data to use as you need.

Generate Many Valuable Reports 

Time Keeper Plus generates many reports easily. It only takes a few keystrokes to generate a report. All reports are shown on the screen prior to printing. 

Lists of students, lists of courses, weekly reports, exact student clockin reports, session summary reports, lab and network station utilization report, resource usage, lab usage, etc. are all available.

Reports are now easier to read and use because they display the information in the hour format you choose:


              hours:minutes                  37:23 

              hours.fraction of hour     17.65

              #h:#m                                5h:11m

Data Integrity 


Time Keeper Plus uses Pervasive.SQL as its embedded database engine. Pervasive is an industry leader in database integrity and security. If for some reason you should receive a file error message (this could be caused by a drive or power failure, operating system lockup, etc.) we’ve included, within Time Keeper Plus, the ability to repair the data files. There is no need for any extraneous applications or other system utilities.

Simple Data Backups/Restores

No longer necessary. We do all of this for you!


Selecting of Courses or Students


One of the difficult tasks in using a database is selecting certain records. Selecting the courses or the students within courses has been made a simple task with Time Keeper Plus.

You can sort the courses in a different format simply by clicking on the choice you want. Check the box next to the course name to select a course to edit and click the Go button. What could be easier?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Time Keeper Plus proven itself over the past decade. It is being used in hundreds of colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada: Community Colleges, State Colleges, Universities, Private Colleges, and even private businesses. It’s being used in Computer labs, English labs, Math Labs, Tutoring Centers, Photo Labs, Libraries, etc. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Time Keeper Plus:


Academic Session Time Keeper has been a great benefit to our Math Lab. The students find it easy to use, and it has freed us from all sorts of record keeping paperwork.”Joe Berland, Math Instructor, Math Lab Coordinator, Chabot College


I love this program! Academic Session Time Keeper has made my job so much easier!...Thanks for the great program and your wonderful support!”Katy Tomes, Learning Skills Lab, Cuesta College


The auditors rejected all of our time keeping methods except the Academic Session Time Keeper. We now use the Time Keeper in all of our time keeping labs.”Robert Feinour, Data Processing Director, San Jose/Evergreen Community College District


We would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Purchase a copy of the Time Keeper Plus and try it out in one of your labs for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with our product at the end of this trial period, return the product and we will refund your money.

- Specifications -

Student Options 

            Tracks students as they clock in and out of the lab

            Tracks resource and lab usage.

            Tracks student errors as they clock in and out

            Allows students to look up their access codes, hours, resource usage, and grades.

            Students can add themselves to the system (you can disable this feature)

            Prevents students from clocking into the system more than one course at a time.

            Prevents students from clocking into the system from an incorrect lab.

            Students choose Access Code or ID Field for clocking in and out (a bar code reader can be used).

System Security

            A password is required to access system utilities

            A password is required for modification of data

            A password, set by each course instructor, is required for setting and modifying course grade and attendance data.

System Utilities 

            Maximum of 99,999 courses with 9,999 students per course - maximum of 999,999 total students.

            Allows for up to 52 weeks in a session. Multiple sessions within the 52 weeks can be set up.

            Unlimited resources.                                     

            Unlimited labs.

            Workstations and courses are assigned to labs for student clock in restrictions and lab and course usage.

            Define your own student identification codes such as social security number or student ID.

            Courses can be grouped for utilizations reports.

            Unlimited course groups.

            Notes can be sent to all lab students, all students in a course, or individual students.

            Remove students from clocked in list and give them times.                 

            All student data can be modified by you ( the system tracks all modifications made to lab time)

            Ability to remove all students from system while retaining course and session information.

            Help is available for all tasks by clicking the Question Mark icon.

            Transfer students from one course to another.

File Utilities

            Simple backup/restore of data

            Upload your lab’s data to the school’s mainframe

            Download data from the school’s mainframe for creating access codes and updating Drops/Deletes.

Course Grades

            Maximum of 20 grade groups for each course

            Maximum of 100 grades for each course

            Maximum of 254 attendance dates for each course.

            Maximum of 20 grade symbols for each course.

File Integrity

            All system data are stored using Pervasive.SQL - the industry standard for performance, security, and integrity! Visit their web site at www.pervasive.com                                                     

System Requirements

            Y2K compliant computer and all Windows and Mac operating systems

            Pentium Processor

            Color Monitor - 1024X768 resolution (minimum)

            1024 Mb RAM



            1 Mb Hard Disk Space                                 

            Laser Printer for reports (color recommended)

Each Lab Must Purchase its own license of Time Keeper!

Visit our web site for prices.

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