Questions and Answers

We have a prior version of Time Keeper. Can we upgrade to version 11 or do we have to buy a new copy?

Can we convert previous versions data to version 11?

  • No!
  • There are too many differences between previous versions to update to version 11.

Is Technical Support provided?

  • Yes!

What is the cost of technical support?

  • We provide free technical support for the life of our products. (or until the product is retired).
  • We don't charge for any of our technical support no matter how many times you request help.
  • We provide both phone and email support, which ever is easier for you.

We want to buy several copies. Do you offer a multiple copies discount?

  • Yes!
  • The normal discount is 10% for 10 or more copies and only on new copies (not upgrades).

What is the cost of Time Keeper Plus 11?

Do you have a network version available?

  • No!
  • We retired all previous versions of Time Keeper prior to version 11. However, version 11 being web based behaves like a network version.

We have several stand-alone versions. Can we upgrade to a network copy.

  • No!
  • Sorry, we don't have any stand-alone versions or network versions available? Only the web based version is now available.