Details of Modifications to Time Keeper Plus 10.0

Date Modifications
5/19/2014 There are no details concerning this version because it is no longer available.
4/5/2012 Corrected 'Display Foxit Reader message incorrectly in utilities menus.'. Minor.
2/25/2011 Corrected 'Display Students showed wrong contacts for students.'. Minor.
1/29/2010 Corrected 'Weekly Hours error is session data using calendar'. Minor.
12/19/2008 Corrected 'Hourly Lab Report' and 'Hourly Station Report'. You should download this update.
11/1/2008 Corrected spelling of 'Thursday'.
1/14/2008 Corrected problem with backing up data and loosing connection to database. Critical! Everybody should download this update
6/23/2007 Corrected problem with connecting to database. Critical! Everybody should download this update
5/3/2007 Corrected problem with backup and restore.
4/11/2007 Corrected problem with multiple sessions for reports. Only critical if you're using multiple sessions across one session.
1/26/2007 Corrected if 'students exists' error message. Non-critical.
12/23/2006 Corrected freeing-up locked courses and students during transfer of students. Non-critical.
7/21/2006 Corrected freeing-up locked courses and students. Non-critical.
7/17/2006 Corrected reports format. Non-critical.
7/11/2006 Corrected problem with creating students from uploaded file(off by one error). Critical! Be sure to read the help files and follow the directions exactly.
6/5/2006 Corrected problem with password on student menu. Non-critical.
6/5/2006 Corrected problems with printing reports. Corrected division by zero error.
1/17/2006 Corrected screen error on editing of course data. No affect to users.
11/11/2005 IMPORTANT! We found an error in the spelling of one of the data field in the 'Courses10' data file (critical) and file security error (non-critical). If your current copy of TimeKeeperPlus10.exe is earlier than 11/11/2005 it is NOT recommended that you update your copy of the exe file until you start a new semester. If you need to update your exe file because of another error then contact us for assistance. The fix is easy, but we want to guide you though it.
10/27/2005 Corrected enabling of main menu note after registering (only affects current run). No affect to users.
10/28/2005 Updated the number of Grade Groups from 10 to 16. Corrected showing day of week on attendance screen. No affect to users.
10/4/2005 Modified way reports are displayed. Major change. No affect to data files. Requires Foxit Reader be installed on computer to display reports.
9/29/2005 Corrected grades and attendance loading error. No affect to data files.
9/13/2005 Changed way Course, Student, and Main Menu Notes are stored. No concern to users.